Sigrid, who?! Well, let’s dig into that!

What do I enjoy the most?

What I am most passionate about is building functions, ideation processes, and interviewing users. I like how insights can lead me to the most amazing solutions that can actually make an impact. I love when I get to collaborate with other passionate individuals. 

I love to laugh together with people. Keeping a good atmosphere and talking to colleagues is very important to me.

What is important to me?

I care a lot about achieving a good balance between work och free time so that I can be my best self and deliver the best possible work. I also care a lot about producing lasting solutions that really answers a need or a problem.

I have a very strategic mindset and I care about making products that can do good in many aspects such as people, planet, and profit.

2019 I quit my job working with textile products to pursue a career in UX, read more about what I did before here.

What am I like to work with? 


Five random questions

Coffee or tea? Used to like coffee but I realized that I sleep better without caffeine. I love sparkling water and green tea!

Dream travel destination? I want to go to Tokyo one day but now I long to go back to Italy.

Favorite TV-show at the moment? Have many but I love RuPaul's Dragrace and The Crown

Any obsession? Beautiful bags - I cannot get enough of them. My favorite one is in the picture to the left.

Any hobbies? In my free time, you can find me on auction sites searching for that perfect interior item.

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