Vembla provides a service where trained shoppers carefully select customer's items from multiple grocery stores and pharmacies in their area and deliver the order to their doorstep within an hour.

The company aims to start selling items from the market halls such as Östermalmshallen and Hötorgshallen and asked us to investigate how they can do that in the best possible way. They also asked us to suggest a new visual identity and UI suitable for the product. Their goal was to get more customers to the app. 

Project duration: 13 days

My role: UX-designer - I did user tests, built wireframes and prototypes.

Team: Sigrid de Laval, Milena Buchenhorst, Sara Lailasdotter, Johanna Winter and Fernando Molin.

“How might we capture the market hall shopping experience in a digital service?”



We interviewed 15 people that frequently shop from the market halls in Stockholm to learn more about what is special in real-life experience. We also sent out a survey to people living in Stockholm to learn more about their shopping habits and thoughts about market halls. 



Atmosphere and inspiration - The main reason why people want to shop from market halls are for the inspiration and the atmosphere.

Accessibility and comfortability - The large majority shop their delicacies in grocery stores today. That is due to accessibility and comfortability as it is more convenient to be able to shop all the daily necessities in one place. 


In order to understand the needs better, we decided to do some Guerrilla testing on the current version of the app. We noticed the following things:

1. The users did not really understand that all the items end up in one shopping basket. The navigation felt hard and not very smooth. 

2. The visual identity was perceived as messy and was lacking the feeling of luxury. As it is more expensive than other food delivery alternatives, it had to feel more luxurious. 




We wanted to make the app feel smooth and easy asset in your everyday life. We wanted to prototype and test different ways of categorizing and structuring so that the user easily can move around and find what they are looking for. We wanted to achieve a feeling of market halls delicacies are accessible and convenient to shop.

Another thing we wanted to test was how to capture the real-life market hall experience making the user feel the atmosphere in the app.  


Navigation is crucial - It is important to have clear category names, filters, and search functions as there are so many products available. We also found out that there is a need to have few initial steps where the customer can make some selections to reduce the amount of the products shown and not make the experience overwhelming.



Too much scrolling got annoying - The layout needed to be compact to reduce the need for scrolling and to create a good overview on small screens.

Photos spark the inspiration - Photos helped to achieve that luxurious look and are the most efficient way to get a digital market hall atmosphere.

Text descriptions - Adding information about the products increased the feeling of a market hall. The most important information for the user group was the origin and time of harvest. Flavor suggestions on how to eat or cook the food made the users even more inspired.


We gave the app a new visual identity with a more modern and luxurious look. The service is more expensive than other shopping alternatives and the look should therefore reflect luxury.

The structure of the interface makes it easy for the customer to move between the food store, deli, and pharmacy shops. This is to highlight Vemblas UPS, to be able to shop from all types of shops in one shopping basket.

We also created different ways of navigating to the products, either by product categories or if you have a favorite trader at the market hall, you can shop by traders. Using pictures made the experience easier to navigate as well as more inspirational for the customers.


“It looks clean and simple!”

“I feel inspired to try new products.”


From this project, I learned the importance of challenging the brief based on the needs we find in customer insights. By being critical of the problem and focusing on what the company actually wants to achieve, I can offer them a fresh pair of eyes.


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